Shoe accessories for special occasions

Shoe accessories for special occasions

At Lucy Clip we are specialists in selling the best solution to make your heeled shoe more comfortable and above all, safer. With really attractive designs, you will love the shoe accessories in our catalog.

Do you spend the day standing or walking? Are you looking for a change for your favorite shoes, but want to stay stylish? The accessories that you can use in your shoes, fit securely around your foot and ankle are more comfortable to wear, as they prevent the foot from sliding too much inside the shoe, reducing friction and pain. And if you find some accessories that are also designed with glitters, colors and beautiful finishes … what more can you ask for? A 25% discount? Well let’s do it, enter our Online Store and buy your Lucy Clip with up to 25% discount!

Shoe accesories that combine decoration and utility

Our shoe accessories are designed so you can use them in any type of celebration. Especially in those most marked, such as baptisms, communions and even weddings. We have a great catalog in terms of colors, designs and details.

So the best thing they have is that you will be able to find those that not only look great with your choice of clothing, but also complement it. They are ideal to get a spectacular look and wear heels in complete safety without being played tricks on you.

Also, Lucy Clip are not exclusive to shoes. You can change them and put them in any other model that you have or that you are going to buy in the future. This gives you many possibilities and expands your wardrobe and your possible looks with a very small investment. Don’t you think it’s fantastic?

Shoe straps and clips

It is quite common that the shoes do not exactly match your size. This can be a problem when shopping for new shoes, it may be that the size you normally wear is very tight, and will hurt you, and a larger size will leave your feet off your shoes when walking , although only a little over you. The best option is to buy the larger size, so that the foot is more comfortable and loose and with Lucy Clip the foot will not move inside the shoes.

These shoe straps we designed at Lucy Clip will help you prevent blisters and transfer the weight of your foot to the ankle, which is stronger and more stable.

And, in fact, more than half of the shoes sold in the market have narrow heels. They are very beautiful and elegant, but their finesse causes them to come out regularly from the back, this causes discomfort when walking, and the dreaded blisters that arise when the shoes touch your feet when moving up and down.

You can add Luy Clip to almost any shoe (high or medium heels, flats, wedges and flats) to instantly improve fit, comfort and style. A single Lucy Clip on each shoe prevents them from walking out, making high heels and flat shoes more comfortable and easier to wear. Lucy Clip is the solution to walk comfortably and with confidence!


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