Summary interview for the fashion section of “Malaga al Día”

Summary interview for the fashion section of “Malaga al Día”

Summary interview for the fashion section of “Malaga al Día”

With Lucy Clip you will no longer be like Cinderella, you will be the protagonists of your own story.

Lucy Clip, the solution to prevent shoes from slipping off your foot when walking

LucyClip is a shoe fastening system devised in 2015 by an entrepreneur from Alhaurín el Grande, Elisa Maldonado, whom we interviewed today. Its innovative product, which we will discuss below, continues to grow in popularity and demand, and in addition to footwear stores, it is marketed online and is beginning to open up to foreign markets.

Malagaldia.-We have seen that your product is original, useful and very practical. What exactly is it and how did you come up with the idea?

Elisa Maldonado.- Lucy clip is the solution to keep your feet from falling out of your shoes when walking, it is a decorative bracelet with an imitation leather base or fabric decorated with different accessories such as shiny stones, feathers, pom poms, bows, Tacks etc., attached to two comfortable clamps designed to avoid damaging the footwear, and to hold the feet inside the shoes without causing any damage, also giving the possibility of changing the image of any shoe.

The idea arose from a problem that is quite common in the sector of women’s footwear, which I have experienced in first person and decided to look for a solution, which at first I made for my personal use, without knowing that my little great idea was the solution. for so many women.

In the Spanish population there are 70% of women who have narrow feet, and when it comes to buying shoes they have a difficult time, because if they try on size 37, for example, they will be too fair for them and we know that if we buy it they will cause terrible chafing and We will not use it again, however if we try one size more we will lose our shoes when walking.

20% of the population have the same problem, but the other way around as they have wide feet or bunion problems. It is a problem for them to find footwear with which they feel comfortable and do not have pressed feet. Our recommendation is to always use one size more and our Lucy Clip will make sure that your feet do not come off your shoes when walking, giving the shoes an original touch. There are only 10% of the population that match the current size, but at the end of the day all the shoes give a little of themselves over time, and we end up giving flip flops and we stop using our favorite shoes, because with Lucy Clip you can bring your wardrobe shoes to life by changing their image with just two clips.

Malagaldia.-Being an entrepreneur is not easy and we would like to know how long have you been with your project and how did you start?

Elisa Maldonado.- The most difficult thing is to publicize a product that did not exist, give it a name and that people associate it with the solution of a daily problem, and without knowledge of how to do it … Today I work with a computer team that is in charge of it, but It has taken me two years to assume that we must delegate functions. Lucy Clip was born for my personal use, after several failed formats, I managed to find the perfect prototype, so much so that I used it for a whole year, until the day I went to a shoe store with them to buy new shoes and asked for one more size the one I used to buy, to keep my feet looser and avoid chafing and the owner of the store saw how I put the Lucy Clip on my new shoes; He immediately asked me where I had bought them, and when I explained that I made them myself to solve my problem with the shoes, he asked me to make a few for his clients. I accepted his proposal, I only asked him for a few weeks for the production and obviously to register; the patent, the brand, the designs, etc … In just two weeks, with many hours of work and dedication, I had everything ready, I had to take advantage of the start of the Christmas campaign, they were all sold before reaching January.

Malagaldia.- What has been the best time in an activity as an entrepreneur and businesswoman?

Elisa Maldonado.-My best moment is…. Every day! …. since I love my work; looking for material, designing and carrying out these designs is dealing with my ‘lucy friends’, as I like to call them. The orders that come to us daily are made with a personalized treatment, as soon as the order form arrives, we contact the client to ask her what size of shoes she uses and if her feet are wide or narrow, two fundamental things, so that the model that she chooses is 100% satisfactory.

And when the clients receive the order, the magic arises, they send you a message where they thank you for inventing something so wonderful, or they tell you … ‘I can finally wear high-heeled shoes without them slipping!’ Or ‘ They are beautiful and they hold the foot perfectly! ‘Those are the best times without a doubt.

This year has been full of good times, because I won the bisutex contest, the most original complement and the prize was to exhibit at the Madrid international fair for 5 days in February. They have given me the recognition of Malaga Fashion, which has made me very excited, since I carry my land as a flag. Another super important and unforgettable moment was, send Paz Padilla some of the models that her stylist had personally chosen, and that Paz herself from her instagram profile promoted my Lucy Clip, was a rush of energy, adrenaline and happiness, since I admire her very much.

Malagaldia.-Tell us about your next projects and collections

Eli Maldonado.-Well, I have just processed two more patents, internationally. I have designed an adjustable model for extremely small and slim feet. For example, for girls of about 12 years of age who lose their flat shoes because they have narrow feet. And another of elastic material for people with wide feet. Lucy Clip is not only designed for high-heeled shoes, because we can put it on flat shoes, wedges, sandals, Mary Janes, any footwear that can add two clips, both the feet of the shoes come off or simply as decoration thereof.

Malagladia.-Our readers will be thinking about where they can buy your product, so interesting both to use and to make an elegant and glamorous gift.

Elisa Maldonado.-We have the website: Although I also take orders on Facebook and Instagram by private messages. And if you want to see how it fits directly in your shoes, for example in the case of brides or bridesmaids who are personalized orders, I invite you to come to the workshop by making an appointment on the phone 681 65 85 11. In the workshop, after a conversation and a coffee, we will make the perfect model for that special occasion. With Lucy Clip they will no longer be like Cinderella, they will be the protagonists of their own story.


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