Original shoe straps with which to fasten your footwear

Original shoe straps with which to fasten your footwear

What is really annoying when your shoes fall off? If so, you have no choice but to hold them. However, there is nothing to worry about, because there are fantastic solutions on the market. If you are looking to buy shoe straps, you are in the right place, because you will fall in love with our designs. They are not just a solution to prevent your shoes from falling, they are an accessory that will improve your look!

At Lucy Clip we offer you a wide range of stylish women’s shoe straps. Our range is manufactured according to the best quality standards and adopting the latest manufacturing methods. We design our shoe straps under the supervision of skillful and experienced professionals. The result is a durable, highly resistant and high-performance product. With a great variety of models, colors and details and, best of all, at really fantastic prices.

Straps for basic shoes, casual, fashionable, glamorous, for special occasions …

We have gained experience in offering the ideal shoe straps in comfort-design relationship. Our goal is that you can use them to end the problem of shoes that fall, but without neglecting that they will be part of your look and how you look. In our catalog you will find the shoe strap you were looking for, because we have all the models you can imagine.

Our online store, where you can buy shoe straps, is divided into four large blocks, although you can browse all our models at once here. In the first one, you will find our range of basic shoe straps. They are fantastic solutions that do not have any special elements added. Still, you will find very creative and interesting models. White patent leather, leopard print, solid color (burgundy, black, red, brown …), etc.

Another section to choose from is casual shoe straps. They are simple in design, but that is exactly what makes them one of the best sellers in our online shoe accessories store. They give a distinctive touch to any combination of clothing and footwear you choose. We have the typical print, openwork of different colors, etc.

The last two categories are for true shoe strap lovers. They are the place for you to let your imagination run wild, as they are accessories that will completely change the way you dress, for good! Here you will find touches of pearls, silver finishes, color combinations, etc.

As you can see, a wide catalog with which you will find the shoe straps you had in mind. And for any occasion, whether they are special events or daily use.

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