Shoe clips, the final touch to your Christmas looks

Shoe clips, the final touch to your Christmas looks

Business dinners, meals with friends, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year … There are many events that we have around the corner and in which we all love to be beautiful. In addition, we always try to plan our looks with time and avoid repeating, but in many cases it is inevitable. Other times we are not convinced by everything we have chosen, we lack a special touch but we are not sure what. Yes, always the same tonic every time Christmas approaches. But don’t worry, with Lucy Clip you can avoid both problems. With our shoe clips you will get the final touch to your outfits.

At the same time you can also completely change the style of your shoes. And just one click, since the snaps are easily placed and interchangeable. Brooches change the image of any footwear, make some basic shoes jewel shoes. In addition, they can be placed in different ways, both on the sides and on the front of the footwear. And if you are one of those who, if you party, change your heels to planes in the middle of the night because you can’t take it anymore, you can also put them in your handbags.

Different models of shoe clips

In Lucy Clip we have different brooch designs so you can find the one you like best. For example, the brooch that can be seen in the header image of this blog post is the black stone brooch. This design is perfect with shoes of a striking tone such as yellow, magenta or turquoise, but also combines very well with the classic black lounge shoes to bring brightness and elegance.

In short, our brooches are the final touch for your most festive looks and if you buy them now you can reuse them in upcoming events.



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